Admin Team Premier: How to add users to your Team Premier Plan

Admin Team Premier: How to add users to your Team Premier Plan

Users need to join your Team Premier Plan to get access to Premier features and collaborate across your team.  When a user joins your Team Premier Plan, they get their own private hosting space to manage their content but can also share that content across the team to collaborate on projects.  After a Team Premier Member logs in they get access to the video editor, the advanced features in the screen recorder, and other Premier features (stock catalog, backup and restore, mobile transfer, etc.). 

You can add users to the Premier Plan as follows:

  1. Users Tab: the admin of your account can bulk upload users via csv file, send an invite link to users who can request access, and invite individual users by email address.   
  2. SAML: configured through your admin account to enable Single Sign On (SSO) based on your organizations authentication and user identity.  Once you have configured SAML, the first time a user authenticates via SAML federation we automatically create their Premier hosting account.  

note: an existing Solo Premier user can't join a Team Premier Plan using the same email address.  If a user wants to use that email for Team Premier, they can change the account email address on their Solo Premier Plan.


SAML enables SSO through the use of your organizations login so you don't have to create a separate account with Screencast-O-Matic.   SAML is especially convenient for larger deployments and when your team users are transient (i.e. they join or leave your organization) as it enables you to grant or remove rights to the licences using SAML authorization.  SAML setup is covered in separate articles and can be setup directly by the Admin in Settings.  See articles.

Users Tab

After logging in as Admin, click the Users Tab where you will see two options to add users:

Bulk User Management:
When you click the Bulk User Management button you have an option to select Bulk Import Users. 

Click this option brings you to a page with instructions for bulk import:

1. Download csv template and populate file with your users data:  you can download the csv template to your computer and then add your users data including adding users to groups (if the group is not created we will create one at upload) and creating folders for each user.

2. Upload you csv file and add your users:  once your user data has been populated, you can upload the csv file and review your data for any errors.  You can choose to fix the errors and upload a new csv file or ignore the errors and upload all valid user rows from the file.

New User Button: 

When you click the  +New User button you have the option to add users by email address or send a link for users to sign up to your Team Premier account. 

1. Invite Link: you can send an unique invite link associated with the Team Premier Plan to your users.  When they visit that link they can either sign up for a new account or login with an existing account to join your Team Premier Plan.   Once the new user completes registration, their status will show as pending in the admin Users Tab.  Click the drop down to approve the user as part of your team.

2. Email invite: 
 this can be convenient when adding users for small teams (<25) or adding another user after your Team Premier account has already been established.   When you add users directly via email they are approved immediately but will have status as invited until they accept your invitation. 

When the invited user receives your email invitation they can click the accept button and either create a new account or if that email is already registered login with their existing account.

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