Hide and Show ScreenPal on websites

Hide and Show ScreenPal on websites


You can control showing or hiding ScreenPal on specific websites.

To hide ScreePal on a specific website, begin by hovering over ScreenPal icon.

Then, click on the "X" for the option to hide. 


Once clicking on "Yes hide on this site", it will not show again on any text boxes on the site.

Change your mind? You can enable ScreenPal.

If ScreenPal is hidden on a site, you can choose to show it again.

Click on the ScreenPal Chrome Extension.  It will show a slide menu for "Enable recorder on text boxes". Sliding from Off to On will enable ScreenPal on the website.  Sliding it to Off will disable it on the website.

The ScreenPal extension icon may not be "pinned" to show in Chrome.  It can be pinned by clicking on the puzzle piece icon and clicking on the pin icon for ScreenPal.

You can also right-click on the web page (outside of a text box) for fast access to ScreenPal options.

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