How are Computers Counted in Team Plans?

How are Computers Counted in Team Plans?

Different from Solo Plans, the Team Plans are based on “unique computers” use of the tools and not user or install. 
You can silently install on all computers and it won’t count against your license.

We count each unique computer that launches the tools (launch recorder, take a screenshot or open video editor) during your plan month. Once a computer launches the tools it takes a license slot and can use the tools anytime during that month.

Computers running our software authenticate occasionally to make sure they are still using a valid team plan license. To control who is using the license with Team Deluxe, we recommend changing the password on the Access URL. People using the software will be prompted for the password and if they don't have it, the software will remove their access.

The licenses reset each month. That means that if you have 100 computers launch the tools in one month, you can have a completely different set of 100 computers launch the following month. So you don’t necessarily need a 1:1 correlation between users and licenses. 

The team admin can see how many computers are counted for the current month and can also set an email alert for when you reach 70% of max usage. It’s easy to upgrade as usage grows and we will prorate the upgrade cost to your current plan term.

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