How do I edit a recording I've uploaded?

How do I edit a recording I've uploaded?

How do I edit a recording I've uploaded?

If you've uploaded a recording to share on Screencast-O-Matic and you need to edit it you have 2 options:

1. Edit Original Recording (If you are using the same computer that you originally recorded on).

2. Edit From the Uploaded Video File by importing the mp4 into the video editor.

Here's the details for the first option scroll down to see the other option.

With the Deluxe or Premier Plan, the Recorder will automatically save all recordings you create in an editable format on the computer they were created on.

You can view the editable version of your recordings by opening the Manage Recordings window in the Video Editor where you'll see a thumbnail for each recording that is on your current computer.

Open the video editor to find your content in the content manager.

Once you select an editable recording from the Manage Recordings Window, it will open into the Playback Preview Window where you can click Edit on the menu you see on the right side (see yellow arrow in screenshot):

If the recording was originally created with the Free Recorder, you will need to upgrade to Deluxe or Premier to edit the recording.  

Option 2: Edit From the Uploaded Video File  

If you no longer have the original editable version of your recording but published it to the website, you now also have the option to download the recording as an .MP4 video file and make edits.   You will need a Deluxe or Premier Plan to use this feature.

Keep in mind however that some editing options won't be available when doing this as not all of the editable data is kept when the original recording is saved to an .MP4 file.

To download a recording you've published to the website as an .MP4 video file, login to Screencast-O-Matic and from the Conent tab hover over any piece of content and click Details.   When in Details view on the first tab you will see a Download mp4 button to download the video to your computer.

Once you have your recording saved as an .MP4 video file, you can then Import it into the Video Editor so you can make edits.  Click the Import button and locate the mp4 on your computer to import the video file.   

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