Flip the recordings, videos, and images horizontally

Flip the recordings, videos, and images horizontally

You can flip (or mirror) a webcam recording, video, or image horizontally using either the screen recorder (webcam only) or video editor. 

Using the Screen Recorder to flip your webcam

First, launch the screen recorder and select either Webcam or Both in order to turn on the webcam for recording.  

The recording area specific to the webcam has a Webcam Options button that is displayed in the the upper right of the webcam preview.  

Click this icon to open the Webcam Options dialog box.

On the Webcam Options dialog, you can flip your webcam horizontally by selecting the checkbox next to Mirror my webcam. Once selected, your video will be flipped and show as a live preview of the webcam.  The live preview will remain flipped during the recording session.  The effect can be removed later in the video editor if needed.

Start your Recording

Once you select Mirror my webcam, click OK to exit the Webcam Options window.

You can begin your recording with your webcam video flipped by clicking the red Rec button. 

Note: If you want to flip the main screen horizontally (as compared to flipping the webcam) you can do that post recording in the video editor.

Use the Video Editor to add or remove the horizontal flip effect

The Screencast-O-Matic video editor allows you to horizontally flip videos, screen recordings, and imported images.

Within the editor, click on the video recording or image that you would like to modify.  Select the webcam video's area, then click Options on the dialog that appears to the right.

The same Webcam Options dialog box from above will open. Select the checkbox for Mirror my webcam and click OK.

When you return to the video editing screen, you will see that the webcam recording has been flipped horizontally.
Click OK to finish editing your recording.


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