See more upload options

See more upload options

How to see more upload options

Our screen recorder allows you to upload recordings to various services like YouTube, Vimeo, or to Screencast-O-Matic's own hosting site.  In order to add these services, please see the instructions below.

Add more upload options

To see more upload options, such as Vimeo and YouTube when you first start using our app, click the Add more publishing options icon on the recording's page.


When you click this icon, the following options are displayed:


Save As Video FileOpens the Select publish options menu, enabling you to select a file type, folder, and so forth and publish your recording as a video file on your local computer.
Upload to Screencast-O-MaticClicking this option opens Select publishing options, enabling you to enter a title, description, and other information and publish your video to your account.
Upload to YouTube: Enables you to log into YouTube and grant access to our application to begin publishing videos to your YouTube channel. 
Upload to Vimeo: Enables you to connect your Vimeo account and begin uploading your videos.
Upload to Google Drive: Enables you to connect your Google account and upload content to your Google Drive.
Upload to Dropbox: Enables you to connect your Dropbox account and upload content.

You can also watch a tutorial here.

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