How to use the facecam in a screen recording

How to use the facecam in a screen recording

The app supports overlaying a facecam recording onto your screen recording.   You can also use your phones facecam function to create a facecam only video and then import that into the app for editing.  

To overaly a facecam, open a screen recording and select Edit from upper right of screen.  Select Facecam from the menu at bottom of screen.  You have the choice to keep the original videos audio or only use the facecam audio (for example if narration during the facecam video is the main audio you want to keep).

Adjust the location of the facecam by holding down on the drag handles and dragging to the desired overaly position.   

Touch the record button to start recording.  When you are finished recording touch pause and then if you are happy with your facecam recording you can select Merge to merge the facecam and source video into a single file.  You can select to Make a Copy as when a merge is done you will not be able to go back and remove the facecam video. 

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