If I'm part of a Team Premier Plan can my videos be seen by everyone?

If I'm part of a Team Premier Plan can my videos be seen by everyone?

When you join as a Team Premier member, you get your own private dedicated hosting space.  Once you are added as a Team Premier member, only your administrator(s) can see your content, until you choose to share it.  You can choose to share content with other team members to collaborate on projects via the following methods:
  1. Shared Channels
  2. Shared Folders
  3. Sharing individual videos or images
Any content your place in a shared Folder or shared Channel will be viewable by any other team member who has access to that Channel or Folder. They will also be able to change your content's settings.

Please note that you will be able to share to users or groups only after being added to Team Premier by your admin.
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