How do I edit a video project across my team?

How do I edit a video project across my team?

You can edit your team or co-worker's video editing files, also known as .somrec files.  

To share your video files for editing with your team, you will need to export them from your Content Manager.  
Content Manager
Click on 'Manage Recordings' and a menu will appear.

Click on 'Export.'  Then save the file to a folder location.
Export Video File

Next, upload that file onto a sharable drive location so your team has access such as Google Drive or Dropbox.  Provide them a link to download your video file.

Have your teammate open the video editor and 'Import' from the Content Manager.
Import a video file
Once they click on 'Import' to download the file, a notification will appear showing that the file is being imported into their Content Manager. 
The video will appear on their list of videos once it's done importing. 

They have access to your video and all of its edits including overlays, images, etc.  

Please note: The edits they make on your file are not synced with your original video.  You will need to reshare the video to view any of their edits.  

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