Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts v2.0

In Recorder:

Global hotkeys in recorder which you can change by clicking the "Preferences..." button before starting the recorder.

Pause / Resume          Alt-P              (Option-P  for Mac)
Draw & Zoom              Shift-Alt-D      (Shift-Option-D for Mac)
Toggle Webcam Big    No Default     (Toggle between PIP and Big webcam when recording Both screen+webcam)    

In Draw & Zoom:

Hotkeys you can use while in the Draw & Zoom tool.

Erase drawings          E or Del
Zoom-In                      I
Zoom-Out                  O
Show Help                 H
Change tool               1..6
Exit Draw Mode         Esc
Nudge Zoom             Arrow keys
Undo last draw          Ctrl-Z
Redo last draw          Ctrl-Y

In Scripted Recorder:

Global hotkeys in scripted recorder which you can change by clicking the "Preferences..." button before starting the recorder.

Pause / Resume             Alt-P       (Option-P  for Mac)
Record Next Section      Alt-N       (Option-N for Mac)

General Timeline Controls while Previewing or Editing:

Pause / Resume playback                     Space bar
Seek Forward 1 frame                            Right Arrow
Seek Backward 1 frame                         Left Arrow
Seek Forward 1 Sec                               Shift-Right Arrow
Seek Backward 1 Sec                            Shift-Left Arrow
Seek Forward next changed frame     Up Arrow

While Previewing Recording:

Move selection start to current position        S
Move selection end to current position         E
Reset selection to select all                            R

In Scripted Recording Editor:

While recording audio for scripted sections

Move to Next Section                                    N  or  Right Arrow
Redo current Section                                    R  or  Del  or Left Arrow

In Video Editor:


Toggle Timeline Magnify       M
Undo                                       Ctrl-Z                           (Command-Z for Mac)
Redo                                       Ctrl-Shift-Z  or  Ctrl-Y  (Command-Shift-Z or Command-Y for Mac)

Select a Tool:

Cut                                            C
Hide Cursor                             H  then C
Hide Webcam                         H  then W
Insert New Recording             I then N
Insert Existing Recording        I then E
Insert Pause                             I then P
Narrate                                     N
Overlay Arrow                         O then A
Overlay Blur                            O then B
Overlay Highlight                   O then H
Overlay Image                        O then I
Overlay Outline                      O then O
Overlay Text                           O then T
Replace Video                       R then R
Replace Freeze Frame         R then F
Speed Up                              S then U
Speed Down                         S then D
Transition                              T
Volume                                 V

In a Tool:

Move selection start to current position        S
Move selection end to current position         E
Preview Changes                                            P
OK                                                                    Enter Key
Cancel                                                              Esc

In Overlay Tool:
Nudge overlay around screen                       Ctrl-Arrow Keys
In Narrate Tool:
Start / Stop Holding video while recording   H
Clear Drawings                                                C                                       

Tray / Menu bar Icon:

You can setup global hotkeys to take action by clicking the Screencast-O-Matic tray icon (Menu bar icon on Mac) and clicking "Settings..." cog when hovering over a tool or "Preferences..." from the dropdown next to your user icon.
Open Recordings Window                  Unassigned by default
Start Screen Recorder                         Unassigned by default
Open Screenshot Selection                Unassigned by default
Full Screen Screenshot                       Unassigned by default

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