Manage recordings

Manage recordings

Manage recordings

With Deluxe or Premier, you get a video editing suite that includes the ability to manage your local content.  This article addresses how to use the "Manage Recordings" checkbox to make to perform actions on your library of content.  You can also refer to this video tutorial for managing recordings.

To get started, open the video editor to view your content library.  Click on Manage Recordings in the upper left.


Select ALL to select all the content in your current content folder (shown in the top left of the application).  Select NONE to deselect all content.

If you want to select individual items click on the thumbnails shown in the content library.  You will see selected items have a blue outline.  The total number of selected items is shown in the upper left as "# Selected".

You can perform a number of actions on the selected files.

Secure Backup:
  • Add - Adds recordings to the secure backup. 
  • Remove - Removes recordings from the secure backup.
See more about backup and restore.

Recording File Management:
  • Copy - Makes a duplicate copy of the selected recordings and places them in the chosen content folder.
  • Move - Moves the selected recordings to a different content folder.
  • Export - Exports the selected recording files to a folder of your choosing.
  • Delete - Removes recordings and content from your library

Click any of the above buttons to complete your action.  



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