Color Contrast for Player Accessibility

Color Contrast for Player Accessibility

Color Contrast:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (also known as WCAG) 2.1 defines how to make content more accessible to people with disabilities.
A minimum content ratio of 4:5:1 is required for WCAG success criteria level AA, and 7.1 for level AAA.

In our hosting platform, our color pickers give some helpful information about contrast. You'll see these color pickers throughout our site and settings:
  1. Interaction Tools: Call to Action Buttons
  2. Interaction Tools: Annotation Buttons
  3. Video Details: Player Customization > Player Color
  4. Settings: Video Hosting  > Player Color
Our button text and player controls will automatically change to white (on darker backgrounds) & to black (on lighter or brighter backgrounds)!

To the right of the color picker, you will see the contrast ratio for your chosen color. 

Some of our color pickers offer transparency.
Please note: the contrast ratio displayed is calculated based on 100% of the color without any transparency.