Set up hosting and homepage Solo Premier, Solo Max, and Team subscribers

Set up hosting and homepage Solo Premier, Solo Max, and Team subscribers

Premier Hosting Settings

Premier Hosting allows subscribers to personalize their viewer's experience. Channels and homepages can be fully customized with your branding. Branding options can include company name, company logos, video player colors, and specific channels displayed.

To access the Video Hosting settings, please visit our website to sign in with your Premier account credentials. 

Note: To change some of the settings for Premier Hosting, you must be a Team Administrator.

Once you are successfully logged in, click your user badge in the top right and select Settings

Next, click Content Hosting 

Select your video portal

Use the options under Video Portal to determine whether users will use a custom domain to access your videos, or if your video links will point to If you choose to point users to, you can still customize the logo that will be displayed on your SOM site.

No Custom Website 
Links to the videos you upload will be accessed from

Subdomain on
Selecting this option enables you to customize a subdomain on For example, "".

CNAME from your domain
Use this option to map your own subdomain, or website (for example, to your selected Screencast-O-Matic content homepage. You can also click the link beside this option to request an SSL Certificate for a more secure HTTPS site.
Click on the support article below for assistance with setting up a CNAME: 

To use a company logo, select the Use Logo checkbox. Next, click the Upload Logo button to upload your logo image to our site.

Note: The recommended logo dimensions are 400px x 100px and the max upload size is 2MB.

If you do not have a logo and would like to use your company name instead, enter it in the Page Title box. 

Homepage display

Use the Home Page drop-down list to select the items that will displayed on your team's homepage. Available options are:

Show a blank page
Show a channel (which enables you to choose a channel when selected)
Show most recent uploads
Show a list of channels

Team Premier subscribers 

As a Team Administrator, you can use the Content only visible when logged in as Team User drop-down list to to enable all viewers to access your content, or determine that only invited users can view the videos uploaded to your Premier Hosting account. 

Player Customization options

You can change the video player color palette to match your school or company's logo and branding. If you are a Team Plan Administrator, you can also allow your team members to customize the video player for their own videos. 

You can view the following tutorial for more information about customizing the video player:

When you are finished modifying these settings, click Update Video Hosting Settings to apply your changes. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team directly by using the link below. Click Submit a Ticket and provide us with a brief description of your concern. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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