Use Virtual Backgrounds

Use Virtual Backgrounds

You can use the virtual background feature in the Screencast-O-Matic desktop recorder to blur or replace your background. These virtual backgrounds can help keep your video background private, show your personality, minimize distractions or better represent your content.

Using virtual background

To enable the virtual background feature:
  1. Choose to record your webcam, or both webcam and screen.
  2. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of your webcam preview. 

  3. Next, you can choose to blur your background or use an image from our curated collection. You can also explore our stock library for the perfect image, or use a file from your device. 

Any background effects that you select will appear in your webcam preview.

To make things easier, we will remember any recently used background images. You can clear these at any time.

Fine-tuning your image

The desktop recorder will work to choose the right settings for your webcam. If you would like to change the edge detection, to have more or less feathering:
  1. Hover over your webcam preview and click the dropdown. 

    You can see any changes to the edge detection in the webcam preview.

Best practices for virtual backgrounds

Here are a few tips so you can get the best quality video capture with a virtual background:

Your real background matters

Whenever possible, we recommend using a flat, high-contrast background.  We also recommend that your clothing is a different color than your background. This contrast helps us easily detect your background.

Lighting is key

Consistent lighting is important for the best video capture. If you are in a space with dim light, add a lamp in front of you. 
Tip: Vloggers and other video creators often use a ring light to evenly brighten their faces and space.

Virtual Background FAQ

Can I add custom backgrounds to my webcam?
Yes! It's easy to replace your background with an image. You can explore our stock collection for the perfect background, or use an image from your computer. 

Can I have a virtual background in webcam-only mode?
Yes! You can blur your background, or replace your background with an image in webcam, or camera-only recording.

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